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Serve and open with invoke


Invoke is a Python (2.7 and 3.4+) library for managing shell-oriented subprocesses and organizing executable Python code into CLI-invokable tasks. It draws inspiration from various sources (make/rake, Fabric 1.x, etc) to arrive at a powerful & clean feature set.

Serve and open

Run mkdocs serve and open browser automatically.

inv serve

Serving on localhost:8000

# set IP and port
inv serve --dev-addr 'localhost:5000'
# set config file
inv serve --config-file ./mkdocs-sample.yml

Show all tasks

$ inv --list
Available tasks:

  serve    Serve site and open browser

Show task help.

$ inv serve --help
Usage: inv[oke] [--core-opts] serve [--options] [other tasks here ...]

  Serve site and open browser

  -c STRING, --config-file=STRING   Provide a specific MkDocs config
  -d STRING, --dev-addr=STRING      IP address and port to serve documentation locally (default: localhost:8000)

Tasks are defined by